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Should I be worried as India prepares for the inevitable third wave of COVID-19, grim news from South Africa about the more powerful and possibly more toxic variant of C.1.2 may affect India’s ongoing vaccination program, which is said It is the longest and largest vaccination program in the world. In the face of vaccine inequality that affects many developing countries, especially Africa and Asia, a more contagious mutation must mean bad news.

Can India be protected from the third wave?

The new variant C.1.2 is known as the Covid variant with the most variation in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. Parameters that measure readiness include pediatric facilities, including physicians, personnel, and rescue equipment such as ambulances, ventilators, and other ancillary appliances.

Who is at risk of contracting variant C.1.2 Covid?

According to the committee, the next wave may affect children more than adults. Therefore, experts suggest that the government should start vaccinating children. This is especially dangerous because schools in many parts of the country are now reopening.

Who says C.1.2 variants “will not spread”?

Although vaccines are very effective in preventing serious infections and deaths, strains that mutate beyond a certain point can avoid the protection provided by current vaccines.

How is this new variant different from other variants?

The mutation rate of this variant is twice the current overall mutation rate of the other variants. The scientists also warned that the vaccine has no protective effect on the new variants.

Should you be anxious?

The new variants have been registered in countries such as Mauritius, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and China. With the relaxation of travel restrictions in India, this difference may be worrying.

-Swarna Singh
(Senior Journalist)

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