The Dropouts Media unleashes reality and conveys gospels with unbiased content. What makes us different is quite simply our FOMO on news content and modern media.
Millennials are defined by the quest to know it all, that’s what THE DROPOUTS MEDIA strives to appease with the clear looking glass of truth.

Our team is a collective of newshounds, maverick narrators, designers and analysts who put forward media content with their own pitch. The Dropouts Media comes with shows in
different genres which takes media to that extra step of delivering something really peculiar.

Motto Of The Company

The term dropouts simply stands for abandoning conventional society norms and pursuing an alternate lifestyle. That’s exactly what we are here to deliver, we believe in the supremacy of dropping out of the paid and biased news content, and enlightening the realism of life.

Escaping the voids of the depths of this prejudiced world and coming together for a better gleaming society filled with unswayed content, The Dropouts Media knows exactly what to deliver.

What they hide, we reveal.

Why us?

We started the company with an eye for unbiased media content with the inclusion of News, Sports, Historical fact and stories, movie/entertainment review wing, a human rights wing, fashion and many more. The aim and primary approach of our company is based on the simple analogy to bring forward unprejudiced content with the society as a guiding principal in every step of the way. Our company is composed of highly enthusiastic and industrious students working with a vision of conveying neutral information to our readers and followers.

We have always focused on bringing unbiased content to our followers and audience specially with a world full of bigotry.